Bare spots in lawn

Asked March 18, 2017, 2:37 PM EDT

Last summer I noticed bare spots developing in my yard. I follow the recommended fertilizer schedules and don't over water. It does seem to be in more shaded areas. It has appeared in both the front yard and back. I was wondering if you can tell the problem and perhaps the correct treatment. I live in Cedar Rapids. I have never had this type of problem before. Thank you John Johnson

Linn County Iowa

1 Response

There are no clues in the photograph that identifies the factor or factors responsible for the bare spots in the lawn.

My suggestion is to apply a pre-emergence herbicide/fertilizer product in mid-April. The pre-emergence herbicide will prevent the germination of weed seeds this spring. The fertilizer will hopefully encourage the existing grass to spread and fill in the bare areas.

Overseeding is the best way to correct the problem if there are still bare spots in the lawn in late summer. An article on overseeding can be found at the website below.