In search of columnar pear trees

Asked March 17, 2017, 7:03 PM EDT

Hello! I would like to purchase two columnar pear trees......I've tried One Green World and Raintree but neither have columnar pear trees, just apple trees. Could you suggest any other nurseries........Thank You! Judy Chapman

Multnomah County Oregon

1 Response

Thanks for your question. I searched several web sites for columnar pear trees without success. That doesn't mean they are not available, only that they are not regularly stocked, or may be infrequently requested.

Here are some ways to continue your search.

  • Identify the pear or "pyrus" you are looking for. The columnar variety may be labeled "columnaris", minorettes, or pillarettes. The more specific you can be in your search, the more likely you will be successful.
  • Do a general search on the web for "Oregon Fruit Tree Suppliers". For the nurseries listed, follow-up with a phone call. If that nursery doesn't have a columnar pear tree, ask if they can get one for you or who they would recommend you call.
  • Books or magazines may list plant sources. So, if you see a columnar pear mentioned, follow the leads. One book that may list columnar plant sources is "The Bountiful Container" by McGee & Stuckey's.
Good luck.