Recommended grass seed for Vedauwoo area

Asked March 17, 2017, 3:51 PM EDT

I'd like to try and seed some of my land with native grass seed that has a good chance of survival. There is native grass up here mixed in with sage but I want to try to establish native grass in some thin areas. What grasses do you recommend and how should they be applied and maintained initially.

Albany County Wyoming native grasses grass seed

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A good place to start is looking at this publication: . I would also recommend this publication: After you have had a chance to look at these publications please feel free to contact me so we can discuss your project. I am also available to make site visits.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for the quick reply. I read the grass article in detail, lots of variety. Can I get any native grass in a small quantity to reseed maybe a half acre tops that is spread out. Somehow I get this feeling that I'm competing with reclamation projects covering miles of land and the quantity I need is probably less than what a supplier spills on the floor and I'm not worth their time. So I don't want to waste your time and my time discussing some native species I found desirable if I can't even buy them because my order size is terribly small.

I would suggest to look at a local nursery or ranch store in the area for a small quantity. If they do not have any I would suggest calling Wind River Seed Company, Granite Seed Company, or Pawnee Butte Seed Company. The bigger seed companies might be able to mix you a smaller batch. There is a chance if it is a small enough area it may fill in on its own from existing native grasses as well. Does this answer your question?

Yes your response answers my question. Thank you for your help. The most important information I took home from all of this is from one of the articles you listed. It talked about getting seeds from a supplier who germinates the seeds in the region where they will be planted.