Asked March 17, 2017, 12:10 AM EDT

I have a row of euonymous bordering my porch which deer grazed on 3 winters ago. The bushes are 36" high, and the deer ate the lower 20" of foliage which has never regrown. Now the plants have about 3" of new growth at ground level. I would like to save the plants but do not know how I should prune them. Before the deer damage I kept them about 30" high. If I lopped off 6" would that leave enough foliage to support the plants? I'd like to try that, but maybe I should cut them all the way down to the small new growth. Do you have a recommendation? Thanks.

Harford County Maryland

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Euonymous respond well to pruning.
While they can probably take a hard cut back, you can rejuvenate the whole border over time by taking about a third off each year for three years.
If your bushes are 3 feet now, take them down by about a foot. If the area has become shady or the bushes thick, it would also be good to thin them out a little by removing some of the inner growth, which allows light in, and encourages more growth.
The small new growth will continue to grow, and in the third year it should look better.
Here is our publication on pruning ornamental plants, which will help you: