Asked March 16, 2017, 7:21 PM EDT

Do you offer any information for cold pack canning? I have been canning for years and I would like to try this method but find there is not enough information. Also, does it help keep pickles crisper?

Thank You

Douglas County Colorado

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All of the CSU Extension and UDSA pickle directions and recipes that I looked at call for hot water bathing pickles to make them shelf stable. I think you are talking about making refrigerator pickles. The “Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving”, edited by Judi Kingry & Lauren Devine has 3 refrigerator pickle recipes (“Easy Zesty Bread & Butter Chunks”, “Refrigerated Dill Slices” and” Crunchy Mixed Refrigerator Pickles”). Due to copyright issues I can’t send you these recipes. I suggest you see if your library has a copy of the book or if they can borrow it from another cooperating library. I have my own copy and have tried many of the jam, jelly and mustard recipes. All were great!