Rose Trimming & Grape Vines

Asked March 16, 2017, 4:09 PM EDT

Hello, Last fall I did not have an opportunity to trim back my rose bushes. Will doing so now be okay? If so, what is the recommended way to trim. Some of my roses are looking lanky. The house I purchased last year came with some grape vine. At first I didn't know what it was, but once it started going I had an grew like crazy. I am unsure how to properly care for grapes. I did some cutting back throughout the summer to keep it from going completely bonkers. It is currently growing up a chainlik fence between garden beds. Any recommendations on how to keep the plant in check without killing it??

Columbia County Oregon

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Most roses are trimmed by removing the smallest canes (1/4 inch or less) and keeping the 4 or 5 best canes. Those are then trimmed to about 18 inches, usually just above an outward facing bud. Crossing canes (going through the center from one side to another) are removed as well. The effect is to create a vase shaped bush with a somewhat open center to support good air movement.

First, you can't kill a grape by pruning. You can remove 95% of last years growth. Prune the vines each winter by cutting year-old canes back to five or six buds. Cut them where they are about pencil-width in diameter.

Cut off the canes that fruited during the previous year each winter, as they will not fruit again.

Prune away weak, dead or damaged canes.

Thin out or untangle the vines more, if necessary. Prune the vines enough so that they grow in and cover the arbor nicely, while preventing them from being too crowded and messy.

See the following link for more information. Chip