Unknown Insect in House

Asked March 16, 2017, 11:43 AM EDT

For the past two weeks we have been finding an unknown insect we need help identifying. It started with a single insect, but as the week went on we have found approximately eleven. Last night eight of the eleven were found on our family room window. We have a Madagascar Dragon Tree we keep on the porch during the summer and bring in every year and the insects may be coming from within the planter, but we do not see them in the soil or on the tree. Additionally, we have had this tree for years and this is a new event. I have searched the internet and not been able to find a reference to them. What are they? Are they hazardous to our house? and, how do we get ride of them? I have attached images in the hopes you can identify them. Thank you,

Calvert County Maryland

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We would like to have additional information. We do not have an idea of size. Lay a ruler next to the insect and resubmit the photos. Do you store firewood in the house?, etc.

As can be seen in the attached image it measures approximately 1mm, and yes we do have firewood stored in the same room.


I mean 10mm.

Our entomologist looked at your photos and thinks this is a type of longhorn beetle, (probably Cyrtophorus verrucosus) that likely hatched out of your firewood. Just clean them up. They do not infest homes. They eat flower pollen.

We recommend only bringing in small amounts of firewood and using it quickly.