Epsom salts

Asked March 15, 2017, 10:40 PM EDT

Dear Sirs; Will applying epsom salts as a means to kill the roots of a large shrub that we would like to remove affect the soil? I have been told that this could render the soil condition as unable to grow in that area for quite awhile. Is this true? Thank you

Lincoln County Oregon

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I could find no university based research that would support that claim. It appears it could be home remedy or gardening myths.

Epsom salts is a source of magnesium which can benefit plants but a soil test would be needed. Some of our coastal soils are already high in magnesium, so not needed.

Please check out the link below an article published by WSU Washington State University
If you do not have access I can arrange to leave a copy at our Lincoln County Extension Office at 1211 SE Bay Boulevard Newport. 541-574-6534