Asked March 14, 2017, 5:02 PM EDT

I have tulips starting to pop up. Can I transplant them to another spotright now before they get bigger? Currently they are approx 3" high

Denver County Colorado tulips flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials

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Obviously, not the ideal time, but if you take a deep chunk of soil along with the bulb, they should be okay. If they fizzle this year because of the transplant, they still should come back in future years.

Would it be better to wait until just after the bloom is finished to transplant?

It would be better to wait until after the bulb has bloomed and the foliage has died back (that's what replenishes the bulb so it can rebloom next year) but that might not be until July.

They sound like they are pretty small at this juncture, so I'd go ahead and move them now. Just try to take enough soil so the roots aren't disturbed -- maybe they won't even know they've been moved!