Treating Severe Grub Infestation on Turf Areas

Asked March 14, 2017, 4:55 PM EDT

Prescription Landscape diagnosed problem area in mid-Augest 2016 Initially treated area with Dylox to kill grubs... What are benefits or hazards of applying Acelepryn this spring before converting infested area to a "No Mow Zone" with pervios pavers or other perennial plants? Prefer to keep options open for creating a Monarch Waystation or Pollinator Habitat in location infested.

Dakota County Minnesota

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You appear to have competing goals: a pollinator habitat and a heavy use of insecticides to control lawn grubs. Both grub control chemicals you mentioned are effective, but please read and follow the label. Also, if you plan to remove the lawn (your post seems to indicate so), the food for the grubs will be removed and your problem will go away.

Acelepryn appears to be safer for pollinators than neonics such as imidacloprid. But I don't see the need if you are taking the lawn out. Read here about safety issues and grub control:

Read here about grubs in lawns: