when to prune boxwood

Asked March 14, 2017, 4:13 PM EDT

We have boxwood that needs to be pruned to reduce it's width (it is growing over a path). Branches are only a little wider than a pencil. When is the best time of year to prune boxwood? Are there certain times of year that are better for shearing boxwood? We need to keep short hedges neat and tidy and would prefer to prune as often as new growth reaches an inch. Is there a drawback to frequent shearing?

Marion County Oregon

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Boxwoods have long been popular landscape plants. They handle frequent shearing. You may trim them anytime during the growing season with the exception of fall. The new growth wouldn’t have time to harden off and would be damaged by frost or freezing temperatures. The Virginia Cooperative Extension service has a publication called, Selecting Landscape Plants: Boxwood. It will give you more information than you ever imagined possible about boxwood. Also The American Boxwood Society has even more information. If the shrubs are considerably overgrown, you might consider the reshaping a multi-year project. Have a great gardening season.