Mold Check

Asked March 13, 2017, 5:16 PM EDT

How do you test your home inside and underneath to see if there is mold? Are there kits sold for this? Live in Keizer, thank-you

Marion County Oregon

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This is a great question. While there are kits sold, I do not recommend purchasing them. The reason is that mold spores are commonly found in the air, so the test will always be positive. That doesn't mean you have a mold problem though. The best 'test' for mold is if you can either see it, or smell it.

To look for mold inside the house, check the most common suspects first - kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, or any rooms with a water source (sink, toilet, tub, appliances). Check behind cupboards and behind furniture. Also look for signs of water damage. Mold needs water to grow. Also, check behind furniture that has been placed against an exterior wall, such as couches or beds. This can cause condensation to form, which can lead to mold growth.

To check for mold under the house, you will unfortunately have to crawl beneath the house and do a visual inspection.

If you do have mold, there are several easy steps to clean it up. Often, mold can be cleaned using a solution of half water, half vinegar, and a scrub brush. For very large mold issues (i.e. an affected area greater than 3 square feet), you may want to bring in a professional. You will also want to find the source of the mold (i.e. water drip, condensation forming on walls, etc.) and fix it so that water is no longer an issue.

I hope this is helpful- please respond if you have any additional questions.