We have a Which Hazel tree - it is in the fountain position, except there

Asked March 13, 2017, 12:16 PM EDT

It is in the fountain position - however we have a couple of limbs growing up to 3' in the middle of the tree. There are also some smaller ones as well. Is this okay? or should we prune them down to keep the tree in it's fountain form? Thank you so much for your assistance. You guys are GREAT

Jackson County Oregon

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Witch hazels are beautiful trees or shrubs and should be maintained as best you can in the preferred shape. Therefore, yes, cut off those upright stems. They are known as water shoots and often arise in spring. Cut them as close to the branch they are sprouting from as possible. Do not paint the cut with anything--it will callous over naturally. Some types of witch hazel are sold as grafted plants. If your tree is a graft (you can see a definite margin on the trunk where the scion has been grafted to a root-stock), keep your eye out for any shoots arising below the graft line. These suckers should also be cut off as close to the trunk as possible.Thanks for using Ask an Expert..