Cutting gardeb flower ideas for summer bloom

Asked March 12, 2017, 3:25 PM EDT

Hello, I live in Blaine (Anoka Co.) and wanted to know which flowers are best for my location if I want a cutting garden for the summer season. I imagine I'd either be starting the seeds indoors soon, since it is already March, or planting in May or earlier. Perennials or annuals! Thanks. Jenny

Anoka County Minnesota

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If you are looking for a cutting garden, you should invest in annuals. Perennials have a bloom time or season. Annuals continue to bloom when cut or deadheaded, as they are trying to set seed. Many petunias are fragrant and they last a long time in a bouquet. Try walking by the rows of annuals at your local garden center and take a sniff. There are some perennials that are fragrant and bloom longer. Consider dianthus, some of the iris varieties and tall garden phlox. If you are going to be starting seeds, read the description of the plants thoroughly. If fragrance isn't your prime interest, many plants including zinnias and daisies look wonderful in a bouquet. Here is a link to our publication on seed starting indoors: