Landscape/Horticulturist Professional - Opportunity

Asked March 12, 2017, 10:51 AM EDT

Mr. Patton, Paul Baird at Crown Center and Bret Cleveland, owner Urban Tree, suggested I contact you. We're in hopes you might know or encounter an individual qualified and interested in taking over maintenance of the residential community's grounds at Crown Center. The area includes a 1.5 acre, interior, "rooftop", ornamental garden. We are seeking an individual or very small contractor to handle the specialized, intricate, area rather than a large crew "mow, mulch and weed" contractor. Thank you for your kind attention, Jackie Booker, Manager First Service Residential, Agent for Crown Center Redevelopment and Santa Fe Place Condominium 816-421-0077

Jackson County Missouri

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Might you be able to send a short job description for the opening you are trying to fill? We will post it on our placement website as give it publicity in appropriate classes.

Mr. Patton, our Board Member, Sarah Bibens, helped me speak the language with the description. She sends greetings and we thank you very kindly.

Jackie Booker

Condominium management company is seeking a professional landscape company to provide maintenance services for a 1.5 acre garden. A portion of this garden is a rooftop garden - one of the first in the City. The garden is a very desirable “oasis” at Crown Center. This is an opportunity to have an influence on a large green space in Kansas City, perhaps gradually developing it into a more sustainable garden. Maintenance includes the garden, rooftop garden, and two property entrances. It also includes supervision of separately contracted tree care and irrigation. Estimating 30-50 man hours per week during the growing season.

Who should interested students contact?

Good heavens, i apologize! To:

Jackie Booker
2525 Main Street, #412
Kansas City, Mo 64108

Thank you again.