Found scat in lower cupboard

Asked March 10, 2017, 9:59 AM EST

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask. I found scat in my lazy susan, shelf where I had different flours stored. One or two of the nut flours were stored in storage bags and a hole was eaten through. The flours in their original paper bags didn't look like they were touched. The scat looked like a light brown/grey color. The color is darker in the images because I had sprayed it down before taking it out from the shelf. It didn't look like mouse droppings by color. I've tried looking at pictures and descriptions online but I still can't identify it. When I first moved into the house earlier this year, the cabinet was dirty, especially in areas I can't reach and suspiciously looked like there were droppings meshed with some kind of dark liquid. I thought it was old since the owner hadn't lived there for a while. We've lived here about a month and a half and I hadn't seen any signs of activity during that time. I was originally thinking maybe squirrel. A friend thinks it might be a vole. I appreciate any thoughts. Thank you!

Lebanon County Pennsylvania

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It looks like mouse scat. I would suggest throwing out the foodstuffs you found this in and start with containers that are mouse chew proof. You can check for mice by using snap traps placed along the wall of a cabinet or room. For more detailed information see:

Thanks, G.