When and how to apply Imidacloprid on pecan trees

Asked March 9, 2017, 10:09 PM EST

I have 2 pecan trees in South Texas and they get aphids so bad in the summer time that the black stuff gets all over the patio furniture, etc. I researched and this product may work for me. How much and how do I apply this product?

Cameron County Texas

1 Response

Yes, this product will control the aphids. You will need to read and follow the label directions. One such product is called Bayer Tree and Shrub although I am sure there are many others. Some products suggest a single application, but most times two are in order. One in early spring and one in mid summer. The key is you have to water the product into the soil in order for it to get into the tree. Realize that this will also take time for this to happen.

Good luck!!