Asked March 7, 2017, 4:47 PM EST

I want to prune a Profusion Crabapple tree (about 6+" diameter, 20" circumference about 3' above the base, planted 2006). The branches I want to cut are about 3" diameter. I am also going to cut some lower branches off two Maples (I think they are Autumn Blaze, 9" diameter, 28" circumference about 3' above base. . Finally, I need to cut some branches off an Oak Tree (I think these are Red Oaks that grew naturally and have a diameter of about 16", 50" circumference at about 3' above base. These branches are probably 10' up on the tree-did not measure their diameter/circumference.. Is it ok to prune these trees at this time? SInce we have had warm weather, is it to late to prune the Oaks? Do I need to seal the cuts with a sealer?

Anoka County Minnesota

1 Response

We are starting to reach the end of the pruning period for these trees but you may still do so. You do not need to apply any sealer but do need to be careful exactly where you make your cuts. Please read through our publication on pruning and follow the directions. It is important that you do not cut flush with the trunk of the trees.