Soil report evaluation

Asked March 7, 2017, 1:02 PM EST

I am seeking to improve 20 acres of sandy loam soil with 2.65 percent organic matter, pH 6.2 and a TEC of 7.87. I can provide a Logan labs soil report including trace elements. We are starting organic orchard, annuals and grazing on land fallowed for 12 years after hay and cattle grazing. I am most interested in recomendations for application of phosphate and sulfer and how to source bulk supplies. Are there any regional rock dust (quarry crusher fines) containing phosphorus?

Josephine County Oregon

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Look at the soil test report to see how they rated each nutrient, low, medium, high, etc. Most soil testing services will recommend amounts of each nutrient that are low, or advise you that there is plenty of one that is medium or high. The pH at 6.2 is not too bad depending on what you intend to grow. There is no local rock dust here in Douglas County but I don't know if Josephine county has a local quarry. If your soil is low in sulfur and phosphorus you will have to get the numbers off the soil test report and see how much they recommend. With a 6.2 pH, if you add much sulfur you will probably need to add lime too to keep the pH above 6. I'm not familiar with TEC. Most soils refer to CEC, cation exchange capacity. CEC is the ability of the soil to retain and release macronutrients like K, Ca, Mg, and Na. Does it say what TEC is on your report? You can send me the nutrient levels from your report if you wish. Take a look at a publication from OSU called "Soil Test Interpretation Guide EC1478". It is online with all OSU publications.