Need water-absorbing plant in my front yard

Asked March 7, 2017, 10:34 AM EST

Hi. I just moved into my house and my front yard is bare. I have a lot of moisture in the corner of my home where the water collects during rainfall. It takes a long time for this moisture to dry up which causes a HUGE mosquito problem outside my house. I cannot be outside for more than a minute without getting stung, therefore I cannot work in my garden or enjoy my home. Question is: what plant should I place in that area that can absorb the moisture and get rid of the mosquitos? I also have box elder bug ALL over my house, and I wonder how to get rid of them and why they are so attracted to my home? Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland

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Erosion/drainage can be a complicated issue to solve. You may need to have grading done to divert water from around your foundation, check your gutters and downspouts, etc. You may have to contact several sources for the best way to proceed.
Contact Soil Conservation in your County for more information and to see if rain gardens are an option.
See the link on Rain Gardens for more information and tips. In general, rain gardens should be 10 feet away from a dwelling or foundation to prevent water from seeping into basements or crawlspaces.
Finally, contact the watershed specialist in your area for more information
Amanda Rockler,, 240-393-8346

See our boxelder publication for more information