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Asked March 6, 2017, 8:40 PM EST

I have a new lawn that was planted with what I thought was tall fescue in the Fall of 2016. The grass grew in somewhat yellowish and never looked fully developed. I also had a plant store deliver and set Leyland Cypresses in my back yard. They havent grown more that a couple of inches since October 2016, two of them appear brown. Now that Spring is approaching I'd like to have my soil tested. What is needed for me to take a sample and forward to your lab?

Prince George's County Maryland leyland cypress soil test lawn

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Here is information on lawns on our website

See the soil testing link below from our website. Begin by reading our soil testing fact sheets HG 110 “Selecting & Using a Soil Testing Lab” & HG 110a “List of Regional Soil Testing Laboratories”. You can also view our Video “How To Take A Soil Sample “and FAQ’s. Select a regional soil testing lab, download their forms, and submit your soil samples with a check to the lab. A cup of soil is needed for each garden area or bed that you test. You can use a ziploc bag to send in each soil sample. Results of the soil test will give pH, liming, and nutrient deficiencies. You can submit another question, if you need interpretation of the soil test results.

Leyland cypress - there could be several reasons for decline such as planting too deeply, poor drainage, not enough water, etc. See our publication on these types of problems
Make sure the trees are not dead. Scratch the branches and look for green tissue. If dead, you may have a guarantee. The trees are not going to put out growth until this spring. Make sure they are watered during dry periods, mulch is not thicker than several inches and keep away from the trunk. They will have to be watered up until the ground freezes this fall. You can send us photos of the trees.