Bare spots on Evergreens

Asked March 6, 2017, 7:09 PM EST

I have two small evergreens that were given to me as gifts when they were very little. I had them inside for a while and then eventually moved them outside. They did well for a while but they both now have bare spots. The rest of each tree looks healthy and gets new growth. I'm wondering if the bare spots will fill in if the tree continues to thrive. Or will the bare spots remain throughout the life of the tree? Pictures attached. Image 3369 and 3370 are the same tree from different angles.

Baltimore County Maryland branch dieback trees evergreen

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Based on your photos we cannot identify the trees accurately. The tree in the left and middle photo looks like it may be an alberta spruce and the right photo may be a norway spruce.
The plants do not look like they are in good shape. The bare branches will not fill in and they look dead. New growth comes from the tips. All you can do is prune back to the trunk.
If you want to keep the trees in containers - The tree on the left looks like the top of the root ball is bare. Spread some compost around the base of the root system. You can mulch lightly to conserve moisture and keep well watered during dry periods. Make sure the containers have good drainage. The trees may continue to struggle. They may be better off planted in the ground, if you want to keep them. Here is our website on planting trees and shrubs and care.