Asked March 6, 2017, 5:20 PM EST

Arbor Day Foundation and Delmarva Power are offering a free tree to help conserve energy. I'd like to get one to plant in my little wooded area. Choices are: white dogwood, American beech, bald cypress or river birch. Which one would be best for New Castle County?

New Castle County Delaware

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It depends on the situation in which it will be planted and the ornamental attributes you want. White dogwood is an understory, forest edge tree and does will in light shade, but need good air circulation. It is the smallest of the trees and the only one with ornamental blooms. American beech is the largest tree and makes a majestic shade tree. Bald cypress is a deciduous conifer, loosing its needle bundles each year. It has a conical shape and looks like a needle evergreen (even though it is deciduous). It grows well in moist conditions. River birch is a nice tree with peeling bark. It is multistemmed and branches to the ground so it provides a good screen. It also tolerates moist conditions.