Solitary bees

Asked March 5, 2017, 9:47 AM EST

My grandson wants to put out solitary bee houses this spring, (actually he wants a bee hive but that is not a possibility at this time). When do we need to have them out? Do we need to purchase bees or just the house? How high off the ground should they be? Design of the house? Any other information would be appreciated. Or if there is a book appropriate for a 9 year old, that would be great or a book appropriate for me, (grandpa). Thank you for your time.

Jefferson County Kentucky

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I've contacted a few sources and waiting for a response. I send something along hopefully today or tomorrow.
Wayne Long
ANR Agent
Jefferson Co Extension

This some additional information from Tammy Horn. You can also search the web for Mason Bees for more information. Her email is below.

Mason bee houses are wonderful, and they need to be placed now as they are a "spring" bee. Generally, if you have a garden, orchard or strawberry patch, the mason bees will find your home and begin to inhabit it on their own. I place mine on a shepherd's crook and place it in the middle of my strawberry patch.

There is a marvelous book just released last year called, The Bees in Your Backyard by Carrel and Wilson. Gorgeous color photographs and good projects for people to build their own native bee habitat. Approx. $50.00 but worth every cent.

Hope that helps.