Hello, I like to listen to your program on WCCO radio. Thank you in advance...

Asked March 4, 2017, 6:52 PM EST

Hello, I like to listen to your program on WCCO radio. Thank you in advance for reading this message. I have 2 Christmas Cacti that were my grandmother's, & are well over 100 yrs old. They have been in 2 10" pots for 7 plus years, & we put them outside in the summer, on the north side of our house. They froze down to the soil in the early frost in the fall 2000, have been slowly recovering since then, & now they have been blooming since early Dec., 2016. My problem is they seem to be root bound, which, I suppose is why they're blooming, & when I water them it runs straight thru. I need to declutter my house, & would like to give most of it away, so I will have to divide the plant in each pot into smaller, more manageable plants. I would like some advice on if there is a way to do this without damaging them to the point where they won't bloom again for years. I've attached a photo. Thank you once again, Lynnette Christen

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Your Christmas cactus could benefit from a larger pot. Do that this spring. You can also trim back the foliage at that time. But don't divide the plant. Use the trimmings to root new plants to give away. Here is a good reference: