Questionable Succulent Health: What's wrong with my plant?

Asked March 4, 2017, 4:41 PM EST

I have indoor succulents and I've noticed after this winter some questionable issues that I don't recognize.
#1 My first concern are the black, almost decomposed ends of two of my plant's leaves.
#2 Second are these raised, brown cracked bumps on the surface of the leaves.
#3 Lastly, I was propagating leaves but then I noticed some of them having brown cracks which is unusual since healthy dying leaves do not look like this.

My plants are all in pots with good drainage and I haven't been watering them as often coming out of winter hibernation. I'm worried it might be something that could spread to my other plants or that is rooted within the stem of the plant rather than just the leaves.


1 Response

Based on your photos this does not look like an insect or disease issue. This looks like a physical or cultural problem. For example, temperature, humidity, bruising, edema (cells burst), etc. This should not spread to your other plants.
In general succulents are not that easy to grow indoors. Here are more links