Asked March 4, 2017, 12:21 PM EST

Sick chicken. Unsure of problem but seems to be Sour crop issue. She has terrible odor. Bobs her head as if she has something in there. I need help and advice. Thanks for your help!

Woodford County Kentucky

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Does her crop hang down? She may have an impacted crop. That happens when the esophagus is blocked and food can't get past the crop. She will continue to eat but actually starve to death. If that is the problem, you MIGHT be able to fix it by turning her upside down and emptying the crop. Give her a few drops of cooking oil and try to massage it in to loosen the blockage. Unfortunately, once stretch the crop may not go back to normal.
If it is 'sour crop' it would be a yeast infection. Antibiotics won't help, and will actually make it worse. You can try giving a probiotic to repopulate the digestive tract with 'good' normal bacteria.