Pasta Seed Pillows

Asked March 2, 2017, 9:53 PM EST

I am looking for a commercial source of sagebrush seed pillows, I have read about your success and would like to try an area in Wyoming, I am working on a site that had been over sprayed many years ago and there is no sagebrush in sight, and we would like to see it again. Thanks Phil Gonzales, Buffalo, Wyoming

Johnson County Wyoming

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Hi Phil,

Much of the research on seed pillows and other rangeland restoration seed enhancement technologies and techniques has been conducted by my colleagues with USDA-Agricultural Research Service at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center in Burns, OR. So, although I am not personally involved in this line of research presently, I am familiar with it. My understanding is that seed pillows are still very much in the research and development phase and are not yet commercially available for sagebrush restoration projects. Additionally, although results of placing sagebrush seed in pillows looked promising in greenhouse trials, field trials have produced less encouraging results. Therefore, further refinement of the technique will likely be needed before it is a commercially viable option. With that said, again, this is not my line of research so I would encourage you contact Dr. Chad Boyd, ARS Research Leader at the Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center at 541-573-8900 for more detailed information.