Need evergreen for privacy - limited sun and space

Asked March 2, 2017, 10:02 AM EST

We need a privacy barrier about 12-15 feet high, no wider than about 4 feet. The planting will be between two houses, so will have shade except for maybe 3-4 hours per day. Well watered, protected against heavy wind. Area is in Prospect New Town, Longmont, Colorado.
Any suggestions appreciated.

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Hmmm. These are pretty tough growing conditions. Most plants used for screens are evergreens and need more sun than your site has. There are deciduous species that might favor those conditions, but then you don't have the screen year round.

A few plant species that you could research or ask about at your local nursery are:

-Hicks Yew (can handle sun or shade, fits you size requirements. Note that some parts of the yew can be toxic if eaten)
-Climbing rose (you could build a trellis for it to climb up and then you have a year round screen with beautiful blooms in the summer)
Spartan Juniper or Whichita Blue Juniper (both typically need full sun, but your 3-4 hours might be enough)