Need Help with Infestation of Webbing Moths in my Home Hello I also sent this...

Asked March 2, 2017, 7:02 AM EST

Need Help with Infestation of Webbing Moths in my Home Hello I also sent this to Susan Jones, but currently she is Out of Office so looking for all the SME opinions I can receive. I received her name from the Pest Control Company in Columbus, Ohio I am using. Advanced Pest Control. They said that you are the SME for the problem I am having. Yesterday, I also left a message on the 614-292-8209 Voice Mail. In the fall I started noticing these and then did not realize that it was as bad as it was, since they hide so well. I contacted Advanced Pest Control in December and they positively identified the Webbing Moth as my issue. So doing a lot of cleaning by vacuuming only and not using any cleaning products. Also, looking for the eggs, and either washing the items or throwing them out. They provided me with 2 Pheromone Traps for catching the males. I placed one trap on each floor. Even though I still see the moths flying around, not one moth was ever caught in the trap. So tried this for a month and just wonder if the traps were old and the pheromones were just not strong enough to attract the males. Contacted the manufacture of the traps and they did say sometimes the traps can be ineffective. They sent me be two different traps then what I had. This time I tried just one on where I have seen them. So after 3 weeks, never one again caught in the trap and still see the moths in that area. So what would cause the traps not to work? What could be in my environment that would prevent these traps from working? The next thing I did, two weeks ago is have Advance Pest Control spray in different spots with Temprid SC. Not expecting this to kill them all, because after two weeks seeing about one a day which I immediately squish. Planning on having them come back again in another week. I am assuming Temprid SC works for killing these type of moths? Is there a better Chemical to use? I do have pets that I did board when they sprayed. I can move out for a while if there is something else better to use. What else can I do? I am just so distraught with this. Thank you RuthAnn Branoff Westerville, Ohio Home 614-523-3970 (have Voice Mail) Work 614-479-4778 (NO voice Mail)

Franklin County Ohio

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I checked with one of our entomologist and he is not sure what your Pest Control Company is referring to by the name webbing moth. Is it a clothing moth? Is it an India Meal Moth? Or it could be something entirely different? He thinks that the first thing you should do is get a positive ID.

If the pheromone trap did not capture a single moth, he suspects that you were not given the appropriate pheromone trap (i.e. pheromones are fairly species specific). Again, he thinks that you have not been given the correct species identification. You need to either get a sample of a couple of these moths to your extension office (please call first to make sure they have someone who can identify the moth) or take several close-up and clear photos and upload them to our system for a correct identification. Once we have a positive identification, we can better advise.

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I am not sure if you were trying to upload a picture or write a response but the message was blank when I received it.
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Will try again, two boxes to fill out, then which one to use? The Webbing Moth is also called the Clothing Moth. Advance Pest Control was just here and I sent them another sample and hopefully I can get another ID or a picture from them. Thank you No Image to upload as yet??

Here are links to 2 separate factsheets on clothes moths: and They both have pictures and management options included.

I have some of the moths (4). They are very tiny, so I do not have a camera that can capture these. I am more than willing to bring them in for a positive identification. I live in the Columbus Ohio area. So where can I bring these (address and phone number)? The times that I can bring them in (Hours someone will be there)? Who do I ask for that these will be given to? Thanks Julie

You should contact the Franklin County Extension office 614-866-6900 to see if someone there can help you identify them. The address of the office is 530 West Spring Street, Suite 275, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

Another option is the OSU Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic in Reynoldsburg. Here is a link to their website (it includes cost and how to submit a sample):