Organic soil for a garden

Asked March 1, 2017, 2:10 PM EST

Hi, I live in Prineville and will have a raised bed garden this year and I am looking for a place to buy several yards of organic soil for my garden. I can't seem to find anything but bags of soil. Have any ideas? Thank you, Holly

Crook County Oregon

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Hi Holly,

There are several outlets in Central Oregon that sell bulk compost. I am not aware of any in Prineville, but there may be some place. You will want to use a fine textured high quality compost to mix with coconut coir or peat moss if the bed is deeper than 12". I cannot endorse any one business but will mention a few that sell bulk products, Best of the West in Redmond, High Desert Mulching in Bend, Instant Landscaping in Bend, Deschutes Recycling in Bend. If it is a deep raised bed that is confined with wood, etc you will want to make sure it has well draining soil. Feel free to call with additional questions. THanks,

Thank you for your time. I do have another question. My husband and I are building raised beds, the ground here is so rocky it cannot be tilled. The beds we are making are actually 32 inches high, on legs if you will, so I don't have to bend over or get on my knees. He wants to line the beds with black plastic and put slits in it to help drain the water. Any problem with doing that? Thank you. Holly

Hi Holly, I would not recommend the use of black plastic as it will likely hold too much water even with some drainage holes. Why is he wanting to use the plastic? Maybe I can suggest another alternative. If the bed is going to be draining into the ground you may want to line the bottom with 1/4 inch hardware cloth.