Standing black walnut tree

Asked February 28, 2017, 5:43 PM EST

I would like to have a walnut tree taken down. It is near our house and this Spring I noticed bark coming off of it. It is about 60+ yrs. I don't want to use it for fire wood if it could be used for lumber. Thank you,

Howard County Maryland

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The only part of the black walnut tree that is valuable is the very center/core of the tree which has dark wood. The majority of the wood is light. The tree must be very straight and very large in order to have enough dark wood to be of worth. A 40 year old tree, for instance, usually is not worth the time and effort to save the dark wood. It would yield about $15 worth of dark wood.

You may be able to describe your tree and give its specifications (height, diameter) over the phone to a lumber yard that can give you some idea of how much it would be worth.