Lawn care questions

Asked February 28, 2017, 12:54 PM EST

Can you weed,fertilize and lime at the same time? When is the time to do so? Please advise your thought on good products to use.

Baltimore County Maryland

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You can lime anytime the soil is not frozen. The best time is in the fall.
Be sure to test your soil as results give liming, fertilization, and nutrient deficiencies.
Late summer into the fall is the recommended time to apply fertilizer to cool season grass like tall fescue. Lime can be applied at the same time that you fertilize.
Excessive nitrogen applications in spring and summer increases disease problems and reduces stress tolerance. See the attached link for the U of MD Fertilizer Schedule.
and the New Fertilizer Use Act information

You will have to identify the weeds that you are referring to. Weed and feed products are not recommended because of the need to treat the entire yard and can contribute to overfertilizing your lawn.
See our Turfgrass Maintenance Calendar for care throughout the year.