Can scale be cured?

Asked February 28, 2017, 12:24 PM EST

I have both a lawn and tree/shrub service. They have treated select shrubs with landscape Horticultural Oil. They say the application works to control scale, as well as the eggs of some other insect & mite pests. My question is: Isn't there anything to cure the scale?

Baltimore County Maryland

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In general insect pests are host specific. Scale insects belong to a large group of sucking insects and there are two types, armored and soft. You have to identify the plant and the type of scale insect before a control can be recommended. Often these insects are attracted to stressed plants and are difficult to control. Here is some information on scale

If your shrubs are growing well and the pest problems are under control, then you do not need to spray. It may be helpful to view our publication "IPM - A Common Sense Approach to Managing Your Landscape."

You should meet with your landscape company and have them explain what they are spraying and why. You can also attach photos of the plants in question and affected foliage.