best time to plant Crepe myrtle trees and reseed my lawn

Asked February 28, 2017, 10:18 AM EST

I live is montgomery county,md I want to plant some crepe myrtle trees and reseed my lawn. I have a large lot and I am on a well. What and when should I plant trees and what kind of grass seed should I plant that I can put down without watering it. ?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Early spring is a good time to plant crapemyrtles.
There are many kinds, from small 3-4 foot shrubby plants to those in the 10-15 foot range and those 25 to 30 feet tall. No matter what, you should plan for their mature height and spread. When well sited in an appropriate spot, they hardly need any pruning at all. (this is a surprise to many people)
All need full sun to do bloom well, and you will need to keep them watered for the first 18 months until established. A 2-3 inch layer of mulch is helpful.
Here is a page from the U.S. National Arboretum, where there have been many fine introductions of new varieties:

The best time to reseed your lawn is actually in late summer into the fall. The second best time is now, but there is a LOT of weed seed competition in the spring. Once a seeded area is moistened, it MUST stay damp to germinate properly. Chances for that, if you don't want to water, is probably in the spring. Given the cost of good seed, it's worth keeping it watered and preparing the site well before hand.
Here is our lawn page; take a look at the link to HG102 for all the specifics: