Forgotten Bulbs

Asked February 26, 2017, 3:31 PM EST

Hello. I just found two large packages of bulbs. I bought them in the fall, forgot to plant them. They have been in a dark closet by my front door. One package is Allium, the other is Double Daffodils. I have found many articles on the internet, but nothing specific to Minnesota. What can I do with them now? They appear healthy and firm, and he Daffodils are sprouting a little bit, didn't see much on the Allium. I have attached a picture of each. Thank you.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Rather than letting the bulbs go to waste, you may as well plant them and take your chances. The likelihood of them blooming this year is very slim, but maybe they will come up the following year. Keep them in a place as cool and dark as possible until you can plant them. Three years ago my husband couldn’t pass up the chance when offered hundreds of bulbs for free that hadn’t sold in the fall and were going to be thrown away. We kept them in a big Styrofoam cooler in our garage so they stayed cool, but did not freeze and planted them as soon as we could work the ground and dig a hole deep enough in the spring. The alliums and daffodils had foliage and no flowers that season and unfortunately did not come back, but we also have a large squirrel population that seem to devour all the bulbs I plant. On the other hand, the tulips amazingly came up (foliage only the first year) and have come up the past two years after that since our experiment.

Another option to consider is to force them into bloom and enjoy them inside, especially the ones that are starting to sprout. If you decide to do that, the American Daffodil Society has good information on forcing daffodils (

Good luck!