Hedge that leaned a lot in the snow storm

Asked February 25, 2017, 12:56 PM EST

I've got this hedge that is on the property line wth my neighbor. We both love it and it has beautiful flowers in the spring and early summer. The January snowstorm caused it to lean a lot (was vertical). How do we save it?

Washington County Oregon

1 Response

Do you know what type of plant it is? What color are the flowers? I really cannot tell from the picture. However it does look like a deciduous plant that is just now leafing out. If it were an evergreen arbor vita hedge, the news wouldn't be that good. I think you can manage the direction of growth with pruning the existing hedge. What you will want to do is make some selective cuts so you can direct the growth the way you want it to go. No need to do it all at once because the hedge may recover as it grows anyway. If it is growing in a direction you don't like, I would make those cuts and reassess through out the growing season but stop all pruning in late August.