Update on basil downy mildew?

Asked February 25, 2017, 11:19 AM EST

My basil has been wiped out two years in a row, first Genovese and then lime. I've just looked at your link on the subject and then followed your link to Cornell and read a lot there. It seems that Eleonora variety is about the best bet for a basil variety that is similar to the looks and taste of Genovese--but maybe breeders will come up with a better cross in some future year. Is that a reasonable summary of what I read? And I do hope you continously update your posting on this issue as new information becomes available. Yes, I've tried planting solutions--both distance and availability of direct sunshine and openness to breezes/wind. So far, here I have "death to basil by downy mildew.

Howard County Maryland

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Breeders at Florida and Rutgers are working on resistant varieties. It may be about 3-4 years till the varieties are available. Eleonora is a cross between Thai and an Italian type basil. It can still be susceptible to the downy mildew but may not get it as quick. The Cornell site is a good link for information.