Planting trees and shrubs

Asked February 24, 2017, 8:15 PM EST

Looking for a way to plant shrubs and trees in a field. 3-4 years ago I planted about 200 trees and they didn't do to well. I mowed the area first and mowed a strip down each side montly after planting to keep them from getting overgrown/shaded from the grass/weeds. Most didn't make it the grass/weeds grow so fast and I can only get so close with the mower. Only looking to plant a few this year but don't know how to keep them from becoming lost in the weeds.

Barry County Michigan

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For successful tree planting, first be sure that the trees are suited to the growing conditions in regard to light, soil type and soil moisture. If they are suitable, then when you plant dig an area twice the size if the rootball if balled and burlapped, or dig a hole that will allow the roots to be spread if bare root. Cover with the same soil that they are being planted in. Do not plant them too deep. To keep the weeds down, you can cut a ring or newspaper to go around the base of the tree and cover with mulch such as wood chips. The newspaper and mulch will keep down the weeds and help maintain moisture in the soil below. Good information on tree and shrub planting can be found at: