Meat transport

Asked February 24, 2017, 2:06 PM EST

In a custom exempt sale: Yes, animal sold, with bill of sale and tag# prior to transport. Yes, buyer arranges processing and payment for processing themselves. I (seller) provide transportation of live, sold animal to custom exempt slaughterhouse. Question: Is it ok to provide pickup service for the buyer for the meat from the slaughterhouse to my farm for their pick up later? Can I charge a fee for this service?

Genesee County Michigan

3 Responses

Product that is slaughtered and/or processed under custom exempt processing must be marked NOT FOR SALE on each package. It is not acceptable to store this type of product on farm for others. If packaged meat is stored on the farm for sale or distribution, it needs to be slaughtered and processed under USDA inspection and a licence from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is needed for on-farm storage, distribution or sales.

Further on above question: Can I pick up this meat and transport it directly to the customers house, or to my farm for their immediate pick up at arrival (no storage)?
Also IF either of the above is allowed- may I charge a fee for this service?

Yes, that would be allowed to arrange transportation and charge a fee for that service.