Need peonies heavy sturdy support cage /hoop

Asked February 22, 2017, 5:43 PM EST

We watched our peonies wildly grow large but drop /droop to the ground. The neighborhood support hoops are not enough support and need something more substantial or made of steel. Please advise source to obtain locally. Thank you. Spring is here again and there is an urgency.

Prince George's County Maryland

1 Response

Peonies can flop because they are overfertilized and getting too much nitrogen that encourages excessive foliage growth. That is correctable. Just don't fertilize.

Some peony varieties are prone to flopping, unfortunately. It's the blooms that are the problem. They are so large and heavy that the stems cannot support them, especially when wet. The blooms will always need to be supported. We don't have a specific support to recommend. You'll have to experiment or jerry-rig your own.

Because the blooms are weighed down more by rain, it can be helpful to shake water off the blooms after a rain and help them spring back up quickly, rather than remain prone for a longer time and stay down. This only works with varieties that normally support their blooms.