5-6 year old brown turkey fig

Asked February 22, 2017, 2:25 PM EST

Hello, I have questions about my fig tree. The first 2-3 years I had lots of figs on it but the past 3 I didn't get any figs to ripen. I think we didn't get figs because the winter was too harsh. Last winter we protected the tree by wrapping it and this past summer we had lots of leaves but no ripe figs (many that never ripened). Meanwhile the tree has now gotten too tall (9-10 feet) and bushy. I'd like to cut it back but I see new growth at the tips of all the stems. I don't want to lose this year's fig crop (mild winter so hopefully good) so I hesitate to prune now. Do you have some advice for me? Much appreciated,

Montgomery County Maryland

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Most of your figs will be on new wood that emerges this spring, so you can prune now before it puts out the new wood.
Prune out the smaller and spindlier shoots. You can also prune it down to a height that makes harvest manageable for you.