Snake Approach

Asked February 21, 2017, 3:01 PM EST

(I'm writing a fictional book, and I want the details to be as accurate as possible, so please bear with me for my specifics) My character is looking for danger essentially and to inspire fear in herself she places herself in a 10mx10m room with three hungry, frightened, young adult Death Adders. Her friend has the antivenin outside but she wants to go through with it and deal with the snakes. What would be the worst thing to do, and the best thing to do in her exact predicament?

Outside United States

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Well this is an unique question. Since death adders do not eat people it doesn't really matter if they are hungry. The worst thing she could do is go up to them and get bit. And of course the best thing to do, barring leaving the room, is to stay on the opposite side of the room. That room is so large that she will never have to get close to them. Small animals in general will avoid a larger animal unless they are cornered. Leave them alone and they will leave her alone.

Good luck with your book.