Hardy Kiwi take over

Asked February 21, 2017, 12:25 PM EST

Hello, my husband and I recently bought a house and it came with a GIANT Kiwi Berry plant. We really need to trim it back because its preparing for take over. We arent sure when, how much, or any of the above and need some help being educated on doing so. Do you guy have any advice?

Josephine County Oregon

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If the plant to the left in the picture is the hardy kiwi, it appears to have been severely neglected. Most often they are grown on a trellis and pruned several times a year. The following information from

https://ag.tennessee.edu/news/Pages/POM-2015-03.aspx may prove helpful:

"Though.Kiwis (can be) grown as a large, ranging shrub hedge, the best way to collect the fruit is to train them onto a strong trellis system or some other sturdy support. Expect to prune a few times during the year. During the summer, thin excess shoots to increase sun exposure and trim remaining flowering shoots back to about five leaves beyond the last flower. Late winter pruning is done to remove last year’s fruiting canes and any dead or diseased wood. Abandoned or neglected plantings can grow out of control and may require pruning all the way to the ground. New growth can then be trained properly."

The latter highlighted advice may be your quickest solution to getting the plant under control.

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