Thunbergia Fan-Grew Sprouts from Seeds!

Asked February 21, 2017, 11:35 AM EST

Good morning! Every year I purchase potted & hanging baskets of the thunbergia vine. I get great compliments, and I take wonderful care of them. Well, it gets pretty expensive, so I decided to try growing my own this year from seeds. I have had great success: 36 sprouts from 40 seeds! I planted them in a peat individual cell type of dome container with a seedling heater underneath. So now that I have these sweet little sprouts, I am not sure what I should do to ensure they continue to grow healthy. What should I do to encourage branching? (So I don't have one long, leggy vine.) When should I transfer them into their seasonal containers? And any other advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Jami

Washington County Minnesota thunbergia

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