Replacement for my disease prone White Pines.

Asked February 21, 2017, 6:11 AM EST

I am looking for recommendations for replacing my dying 10-15 year old white pines. I need some type of evergreen to act as a screen as we are close to a busy highway. Ideal candidates would be moderate to fast growing and reach a height of at least 20 feet. My planting site is good well drained soil. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Oldham County Kentucky

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My recommendation for a replacement tree is the Norway Spruce or Serbian Spruce.
They will remain branched to the ground and make a solid screen. They grow at about the same rate the pines grow but I they don't have the problems the White Pines have. Cedars are the next choice as they are our native evergreen. There are several named selections of Juniperus virginiana that would make a good screen. The last selection the the American Holly ( Ilex opaca). It also is a native plant and will make a large tree and good screen. I do not recommend the new hybrid hollies. I have observed several suffering winter freeze damage in this area.

For more information contact the Cooperative Extension Service Office in Oldham County, KY.