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Asked February 20, 2017, 12:21 PM EST

A dear friend of mine grew a pole lima that had the name of "Lineberger." A recent acquaintance pronounces it "Longenberger - Like the basket" but the beans are the same kind of bean as the Lineberger. I have gotten plants from my friend, but he is no longer young and is hoping to phase out of the business. My acquaintance is unwilling to sell me seed or plants, for fear that my 24 little plants will somehow ruin his business. Do you know of anywhere that I could purchase this heirloom seed? I have various friends who would be glad to obtain the seed as well, but we are not interested in going into business. We just want to grow our own pole beans. If you want to reference a mention of these particular pole limas, here is an article by the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension:

Sussex County Delaware

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I am familiar with the Lineberger variety and have it in my pole lima collection from two different sources, but am not aware of anyone who is selling seed of this variety. It is not terribly difficult to save your own seed, so I recommend getting some seed or plants from your friend while you still can and be an active part of preserving this germplasm.

To save seed you will need to leave a section of your beans unharvested and let the pods dry on the plant. Pick the dry pods promptly, shell out the beans and allow them to dry on newspaper for a week. Then place in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid and refrigerate.

If your friend cannot supply you with seed and you are interested in keeping this variety going, I may be able to give you a small number (i.e. 5) seeds of one of my Lineberger accessions. You can contact me at the email address below or at 302-856-7303.

Long live the pole lima bean!