Figs in Winter

Asked February 19, 2017, 11:29 PM EST

Last summer (Aug) I purchased three fig trees from a local nursery (Waldorf MD). Two brown figs and one Celeste. The trees were supposed to be 2 years old ie ready to produce in the next couple of years. When I got them home, I transplanted them into 10 gallon pots with a layer of gravel at the bottom and filled to about 3" from the top with a standard mix soil. I also put one tree spike in each pot below the transplanted trees. In fall, as the weather chilled, they lost their leaves and I took them into the house to over winter this first year. I do plan on them staying outside after next summer. I have been giving each plant minimal water since they are "dormant" OR are they?? Two weeks ago they began to set leaves. In the past week, each has shown about a foot of new growth, and many leaves. One plant (Brown) has about 5 figs. The other only two figs. The Celeste has show less growth but still considerable considering I thought it was dormant. My question now is should I be cutting the tip buds off to discourage all this growth, or should I let the trees do their natural growth since they will be going outside end of March.

St. Mary's County Maryland

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Your fig sounds amazingly happy. Keep it watered, as it is in full swing already. No, do not prune off the growing tips. Get it into the ground when the soil is workable (i.e. not so wet that when you make a clump with your hands and bounce it a little, it does not break up.)

Here is the fig growing information from our website: