Ruby Queen Beetroot

Asked February 19, 2017, 8:18 PM EST

Hi.This is my first growing from seeds,and according to the Almanac they suggest to plant outside April 15th- April 30th,but you guys say July as a fall crop.

I plan to saw them in either 5 gallon buckets or a12-15 gallon plastic container.When do you recommend to grow the seeds indoors,and when to outdoors if i want this season to eat them,and not in the cold months?
Thank you for your time.

Denver County Colorado

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We recommend sowing them directly outside in your containers 15 to 30 days before our last expected frost. In Denver, the average last frost is May 15 - but that's only an average and we have had last frosts as late as June so it's important to watch the weather and be ready to protect plants if necessary. The minimum soil temperature for beet seed germination is 40 degrees.

Should i bring the containers into my garage at evening if the temps going to below 40 outside?
Also,how many seeds you suggest to place in a plastic container 18" x13" x5" high if i'd like to produce large size beets?
Thank you again for your precious time.

Sow approximately 3-4" between plants and 12-16" or more between rows.

Bringing your pots into your garage works so long as it doesn't freeze in there. Depending on the weather, you also could protect your young plants with cloches, row covers, and tomato 'wall o' water' - like devices.