Asked February 19, 2017, 5:27 PM EST

Can I spread Grub control now to help me get rid of moles. I have been using Tom Cat Mole Killer, most of the Moles seem to be gone.

Carroll County Maryland

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Research proves that grub control products do not get rid of moles. The moles simply eat other critters in the soil such as worms. Since they also eat many pest insects in the soil (including the grubs), moles can be very beneficial. Mole tunnnels also allow air into the soil, i.e. they aerate the soil, which is good because all plant roots need oxygen.

Moles are solitary, unsociable creatures. Though it may seem like there are many in a lawn, usually there is only one. Since they tunnel just below the surface and don't reuse the tunnels after they feed, they have to make a lot of tunnels.
Fortunately, they do not stay in one area forever. They move on after a while, so the easiest thing usually is to just wait them out. For more about mole control, see the page on our website: